Evgeniy Kamerov (Zhenya)

Grey-brown hair, grey eyes, scar around back of his head and bullet wound through left eye socket



HP 12
AC 14 (Touch 12, Flat-footed 12)

Fort 4
Reflex 3
Will 5

Big Ass Wrench

Craft Skills


Lack of empathy
One eye


Twelve-year old Tamila found Zhenya in a drainage ditch near a sewage treatment plant and decided for him (since he didn’t appear to recall) that he was her father, Evgeniy Kamerov. Since then, he has started working with Mila for the scrap yard, building and repairing constructs for the company that owned it and occasionally other customers the company sends his way. This work had allowed them to rent a small space on the grounds.

Zhenya shows no signs of feeling much of anything besides sometimes bursting into a melodious whistle while working in the workshop and besides an occasional logic-based concern for Tamila’s well-being, evidenced the construct he built, Zhuzhak or Zhu-Zhu (named for the buzzing sound it makes), who frequently serves as a body shield. Mechanical skills related to engineering are some of the only things he remembers from his previous life, and although he is curious about his past, he knows that his death was no accident and that digging too deeply will put Mila and himself in danger again.

In general, Zhenya is impatient and easily frustrated when his goals or missions get thrown off, even if this is because someone is getting attacks by malfunctioning robots.

Evgeniy Kamerov (Zhenya)

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